The Italian Company of Theater and Dance takes part in nineteenth-century / ballet-style dance parades, alternating different locations and places according to requests and the period.

A splendid experience to remember is the nineteenth-century dancing parade on the occasion of the switching on of the Christmas lights, in via del Babuino / via Margutta last Saturday 5 December 2020, an event that received a great media and image return .

In the wake of Via del Babuino, also in Rome, in January, the Company will perform in Galleria Alberto Sordi, in the center, proposing a new dance afternoon with scrupulous attention to the rules of the moment.
Joint couples who will dance with the use of masks and gloves in choreographies that take into account the spacing.

Between Waltzes, Quadrilles, Polkas, Polonaise … Sumptuous dresses, crinolines, lace, tailcoats for the knights.
Interspersed with moments of classical dance with tutus and shoes to the famous music of Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Rossini …

during rehearsals….

The event is intended as an opportunity to launch a message of hope and joy with the start of the new year.

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