How create a Choreography




Couples from P4 and P6 enter from 0’44 ”: they are farmers and peasants, they enter greeting each other and miming convivial scenes.

At 1’25 ” a farmer enters on a wagon with grapes from the harvest from P3 to P7. A group of children follow him, playing with each other and trying to steal his grapes.

Children take a ride around the wagon that stops in the center, with hops and chassé.

At 1’46 ” the chariot moves sideways as an old woman enters, a seer. She positions herself in the center and deals the cards to some girl who approaches.
Others are frightened.

At 2’24 ” children from P7 to P3 take up: Ballonné in av D / S (in 4)
4 Emboîté behind (in 4)
Idem x 3
En face: tendu flex D / S + key

4 × 8
Couple: arm-in-arm ride D, returning face 2 jeté D / S + coupé assamblé
Same from arm, but from S.

From 2’47 ” all snake holding each other with one hand up to 3’12 “

From 3’13 ” to 3’54 ” diagonally a pair of soloists enters from P6 towards P2 At the same time another couple enters from P4 towards P8
Tombé, pas de bourret, passo grand jete with the grip (x2)
Finished Arabesque piqué + I close in 5th position.

In a row, one against the other: tombé, pas de bourre, glissade, pas de chat (x2) Ballonné front / back towards the couple, posé fouetté.
Same other side.
Other couples join in two rows, women in front and men behind. Man supports woman: 2 Lateral Sissonne D / S (x2)
Assamblé + grip on shoulder
Man turns in place
Same other side
At 3’54 ” the Corps de Ballet in 2 diagonals towards P2 and P8.
In pairs: 2 chassé + the woman grabs the man who turns on the spot. Ditto but now it is the man who turns around flattering women.
Ditto again with women.
Pas Couru to form a row

Ballonné av / back + Faille Fouetté D / S

Pas de Chat, pas de Bourré D / S
Man kneeling towards woman
Women pose with one foot on man’s knee up to 4’25 ”
A 4’27 “The protagonist, Rosette comes out of a little house.
(She is happy because we are about to evening, the working day is over and we can rest. She goes to her friends.)
First 8 times: She goes out of house from P7 towards P1 and P3.
From 4’34 “: 2 steps at the tip playing with the skirt, Arabesque piqué towards P3, Plié in Arabesque, Pas de Bourré, Faille Renversé
Retiré Passé D x 2 ( 1 No change, 1 with change) (1 with arm down on the skirt, 1 with arm up)
Idem in S.
Ballonné Battu D / S, Faille, Pas de Chat.

2 steps pointing towards P2
Piqué I Arabesque
Step by step backing towards P6, posé Fouetté, Pas de Bourré Tour in Attitude en dedan.

At 4’58 “, 4 villagers arrive, in love with Rosette. They are positioned in a square:
Piqué, Relevé av and Tour en l’air x 4 (4x 8)

Temps Levé, contretemps, Arabesque D / S x2 Prep. Tour en ded from IV
A 5’23 “while the 4 dancers arrange themselves diagonally from P6 to P2, Rosette goes diagonally towards P2:

2 soutenu en tournant, 1 Pas de Chat + détourné (x3) 2 piqué en ded, 1 finished double piqué I Arabesque

Tombé en reculant P6, posé Temps levé I Arabesque Tour en ded with the lead dancer.
Idem x4 turning with each dancer on the diagonal. With the last finished in retiré décalé, she poses looking at herself.
At 5’44 “the seer from P2 / 3 arrives
She asks Rosetta to read her cards to know the future that awaits her. She initially hesitates, intimidated, but then agrees.
The Fortuneteller tells Rosette that a surprise will soon come for her.

Seer entry from P3 / 2:
Step by step, turn in Arabesque plié (in 4)
Same other side
Go to Rosette and try to convince her to make the cards (in 8 ) Rosette gestures no with her hands, she is frightened.

At the same time, however, intrigued, she steps back a little and steps forward to peek (2 × 8)
At 6’16 ​​”her friends arrive and push her towards the fortune teller.
So Rosette goes sits down and the woman begins to predict her future from 6’16 ​​to 6’38 ”
The Seer tells her that after various adventures she will meet happiness and true love. Rosette is euphoric now.
In Manège: 2 Ballonnés D / S, Tombé coupé Jeté up to P6.
Diagonal towards P2: tour chainé finished tour dégagé en deh and knee.

From 6’39 “to the final first part:
Everyone is positioned in a row in a semicircle: Corps de Ballet, Soloists, Rosette with mimati chassé (2 × 8)
Balancé D / S, pas de bourret dessus-dessous, 1 tour en deh Idem finished pose in IV pos allongé

From 7’05 “:
Ballonné av diagonally D / S
3 small jete sauté behind (In mirror with the couple) Assamblé, Sissonne ouverte Arabesque
Ballonné shot between couples (2 a 2), trick
(I come and go, 1 turn counterclockwise, one turn clockwise)

2 rows are formed: women av, men behind: 3 Assamblé, the third with sauté and the man lifts the woman and turns (x 3) From 7’26 “to 7’36”

FROM 7’39 “only instrumental up to 8’00”
At 8’01 “The Prince (male protagonist) enters: he went to the countryside to hunt. < / p>

Developpé Arabesque