After the success of the last edition of 2018, given the problems of this year 2021, next year, in 2022, the Italian Theater and Dance Company will return to Euroflora with an exhibition of nineteenth-century dances inside the Parks of Nerves.

Waltzes, Quadrille, Contraddance, Polke, Polonaise, Mazurke, Marce, Galop… pure nineteenth-century style. Some dances taken from the manuals of the time, others choreographed by the teacher and choreographer Livia Ghizzoni, a professional dancer, who has been artistic director of the Company for years.

Inside the Parks of Nervi, after a first parade of the ladies with crinolines, lace and knights strictly in tails, in front of the Villa Serra, the Italian Company of Theater and Dance, will start the show that all visitors will be able to attend.

A moment of the performance in front of Villa Serra

A magical atmosphere, back in time, accompanied by the most classic music by Strauss, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Rossini….

Professional guests from the sector will intervene during the exhibition.

Before entering the Park, the Company will cheer the streets of Genova Nervi with a dancing parade.

Event sponsored by the Municipality of Genoa.

We thank you for the support and support for the realization of the event.

On the streets of Nervi (GE)